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Being A Euless Firefighter Is As Close As You Get To Being A Modern Day Hero In Our Town.

Today I had the absolute pleasure of spending time with our brave Euless Firefighters from station 1, B team. Jeff Hayden, Cody Skinner, Adam Parkhurst, Mike Jones and Danny Flores are more than a team of firefighters, they’re family. A brave brotherhood that not only have each others back but are willing to run into dangerous situations to keep us safe. The team works a 24 hour shift, 10 days a month which means they spend one third of their life together. I was surprised to hear that they have mandatory classes every day. They have one minute to get up and out the door. That’s dressed and in the fire truck. I asked what they would like people to know about their job. They said that pulling over and completely stopping when you see them on the way to an emergency is extremely important. Every minute counts when they’re on the way to save someone. This time of year gets busy because of the fires that get started in dirty chimneys. If there’s enough debris in the chimney it starts a fire that the chimney can’t contain. I asked how they spend their days. They said that between keeping the equipment clean and ready to go and keeping up with the duties of maintaining the fire house it’s a full day. They have a workout room and media room for their down time. The kitchen is huge and has a big table in the center for meals together. I asked them how they recover from calls that result in losing someone in a tragedy. The Lieutenant said that when they return to the firehouse they gather around the table and comfort each other while talking through the loss. “It’s hard but we’re here for each other”. The experience of the team ranges from 4  years to over 20 years as firefighters. They all make it very clear that they understand this job could cost them their life and they do it because they love what they do. If you would like to stop by and bring them items to say thank you, they will meet you at the door with a smile and grateful heart. I brought snacks and coffee. I’m so proud of the brave men and women that serve our city as firefighters. They have an open house planned for October 6th. Stop by and let them know you appreciate all that they do to keep us safe.


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  1. Dee Hinojosa Dee Hinojosa September 29, 2018

    Proud of my nephew Mike Jones . Go Mike! Go Mike!!! Keep safeing those kittens!!! LOL just kidding! Thanks for for you all do!! Your Aunt Dee

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