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DYI (Or Not): From Shed To Retreat

When we purchased our current home, one of the features that really excited me was a small office space upstairs. It did not take long before my wife and kids had taken over both that office space and the adjoining loft den area. I have since craved a space of my own that I can work without distractions or even watch a game on TV.

The thought of a room addition and the hefty expense that comes along with it, is not really something I want to take on. While looking randomly at “tiny homes” online I thought some looked an awful lot like sheds I see at home improvement stores. It turns out, I was not the first to think this and the results can be pretty awesome. The best part is you can do this yourself or have it installed at a fraction of the cost of a room addition.


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Ok so you might be thinking the same to things I was. “That looks way more like a shed than a retreat to get away to” and “there is no way I could build that.” Fair statements. For the first concern, I stumbled upon a video from Lowes showing you what this could be. In terms of building it if you don’t have time or are just not very handy, (two things I’m guilty of) you can elect to have it installed at what would still be a fraction of the price of a new room addition. Take a look at this video to see a few ways you could make this space your own.


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  1. Ron Valderrama Ron Valderrama April 20, 2018

    This is awesome!

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