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Society Coffee: A David and Goliath Story

When the construction on 183 closed Starbucks, it left a void for those needing gourmet coffee on the go. Enter Society Coffee, bringing artisan hand crafted espresso to the neighborhood corners of Euless, Texas. We caught up with the owners to discuss everything from entrepreneurship to taking on the Goliath Starbucks. Of course we had to ask them about their gourmet coffee.

Euless Times:  Can you tell us a little bit about the owner(s)?
Society Coffee: Bassam Alnoubani and Joshua Moore are the owners of Society Coffee. Everyone around here knows them as Sam and Josh, and they’ve been working together for almost 2 years now, however only just recently decided to become partners.
Sam started his entrepreneurship journey almost as soon as he first arrived to America as a young man from Jordan, over 20 years ago. He describes that as the hardest time in his life. But his hard work through the hardships paid off as now he owns several businesses that are all local to the DFW area. However, in all those endeavors, he always had a dream to one day own a coffee shop. Something about coffee brings people from all cultures together, not just to drink it, but to hang out at the places that serve it. Sam always wanted to be part of something that brings people together, regardless of race, creed, or culture.
That is where Josh comes in. Joshua is a local through and through, he went to Midway Park Elementary and Trinity High School, class of 05. He has been in the coffee industry for 8 years and done everything from Coffee Roasting, Managing and of course got his start as a barista. Believe it or not, he didn’t like coffee at first until after he worked at Buon Giorno Coffee, and tasted the difference a local roaster can make.
They met 2 years ago, when a mutual friend introduced them and thought they might be able to help each other fulfil their dream of starting a coffee shop. At first Josh came on board as a coffee consultant to help create Society Coffee and eventually they decided it made more sense to become business partners.   


Will Davis Barista, Nathan Livingstone and long time Euless resident John.


Euless Times: What made you pick Euless Texas to open business?
Society Coffee: Sam and his brother were already opening a gas station on a corner where several other gas stations had previously struggled and closed down. So he knew he needed something to make the gas station special. Society Coffee became just that thing. We wanted to find a way to have, locally roasted, artisan coffee in your every day, on the way, neighborhood corners.


Euless Times: How has the community embraced you?
Society Coffee: The community has loved the idea. We have so many people that come and see us every day for their morning coffee and taco fix… but also for the friendly employees. People like Ian Reyes, are behind the bar crafting the coffee, pouring the latte art but also laughing, and joking with customers.


Euless Times: Can you tell us about the coffee that you serve and the special blends?
Society Coffee: Lots of shops across America claim to have the best coffee, but the truth is everyone has their own favorite way to have coffee, at Society we don’t claim any particular way as the best… we just claim to be coffee geeks who love to try all the ways haha. For that reason we have partnered with 2 local roasters to make a Society Blend of espresso, Buon Giorno Coffee and Avoca Coffee, and we also like to bring in small batches from guest roasters as well. Like I said, we are all just a bunch of coffee nerds who love to taste and enjoy what all the shops out there are doing.  


Euless Times: What made you think about opening the Internet station?
Society Coffee:In this day and age it’s a no brainer, if you want people to come and hang out… you have to offer FREE internet and a comfy place to sit. We care about more than just selling coffee, we want to be a part of the community and culture around us, and for people to hang out. That really is the center of who we are. Our vision is to be a place that fosters relationship and understanding from all parts of Society. That’s why we chose the name. To be Societies coffee shop, no matter which part of it you come from.


Euless Times: Do most of the employees live in Euless?
Society Coffee:Yes, and when the weather is nice, some of our employees even walk to work.  


Euless Times: What are your plans in the future? 
Society Coffee: We’ve been saying it since day one… we are coming to neighborhood corners, to the places you wouldn’t expect to see us, where you used to wish you could get good coffee, but had to settle for close coffee. So yes we want to expand, and in fact we just brought Society Coffee to Hulen Mall, a mall where several coffee shops have tried to make it but have failed. We think, the only way to really succeed in coffee is to make each cup of coffee as fresh and flavorful as possible, even when it means having a lower profit margin.


Euless Times: Now that the road construction is completed how do you plan to compete with Starbucks?
Society Coffee: I think Starbucks coffee does a great job at being what they are trying to be. They’ve made some decisions in the way they make their coffee that I think was probably motivated by profit margin and speed than by freshness and flavor of the coffee. It’s not my personal preference, and there are a lot of people out there who are starting to vote for the small local shops with their dollars, because they can taste the difference. Everybody has their own preference, who am I to say what they should like… all I can do is, with a twinkle in my eyes and a smile on my face, say… “Here, try this…”


Euless Times: Do you feel like having your business open while Starbucks was closed allowed you to create a relationship with the community?
Society Coffee: I personally don’t think Starbucks being opened or closed had anything to do with it. In fact, even our coffee is only partly responsible. At the end of the day, I think it’s the team… the Barista’s like Ian, Kelsey, Brittney, Matt… the list goes on. When you have a team of people who are happy and cheerful, they share that happiness and it’s contagious to the community. Also… chicken and waffle taco’s don’t hurt either haha 
With that said, my experience is that Starbucks does a good job of bringing coffee drinkers to the area and off the highway because they have such a recognizable brand. But people who love coffee, are going to try all the places around. I once managed a local shop that had 2 Starbucks within 1 mile of them, to this day, both of those Starbucks have permanently closed while the locally owned shop is flourishing. In the same way that I think Starbucks will always have a place in this world, I think local craft shops will too. And I think the place for locally roasted craft coffee is only going to get larger. I won’t be surprised if Starbucks starts trying to be more relevant by going back to their roots and start offering coffee the way local shops have been offering it from the start. I just have to wonder, if for the customers they are trying to get back… if it’s too late.
Euless Times: How does the rewards program work?
Society Coffee: The reward program works like this… you give us a small amount of money… and we reward you with coffee…      … I mean… what better reward is there? Ok ok… maybe tacos?

Ok I am joking, we do have something more than that haha. We offer gift cards, that every time someone loads or reloads $25 on the card… we give them a free drink or taco… right then and there. Want to buy someone a gift card? Why not get something free out of it too? Even if that someone you’re getting a gift for… happens to be yourself haha.

The Euless Times: I can say from my own personal experience that someone like Joseph in the store treating everyone like family is what makes everyone come back again.


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