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The City Of Euless Residents Gather Together To Help Their Neighbor

One of the things I love about Euless, Texas is that it’s small enough to get involved with your neighbors.  We received a request to help a family that lost their father and husband, Damien Daniels Sr. Please see the note below.  Her’s the link for the Go Fund Me page to help out.

On April 21st,  the world suffered a tragic loss of a GREAT MAN that the world has come to know as Screw, Damien Daniels Sr. Damien, age 38, left the world by means of a aneurysm, suffered while coaching the game he LOVED.  Not before connecting with his son for a touchdown in the prior moments. All our hearts pour out for his family and wish them LOVE while suffering thru this tragic loss. Damien is survived by his wife Brandie Daniels and his two sons who are the pride of Damien, Kamron Daniels (12) and Damien Daniels JR. (6) Please help the family to relieve some of the cost that come from such a tragedy so that we can let the family mourn properly in there time of grief. We thank all who knew and loved Damien as we all mourn together during this horrible loss.  We Thank everybody and appreciate your help during this time of need, my mother Lisa Ellison will be handling the withdrawal of the funds that you all contribute to help to pay for the funeral cost. Thank you all again.

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