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Things To Do: Cinépolis Euless Luxury Cinema

Cinépolis Euless is a brand new, 12 screen theater, in the heart of Euless, TX. This amazing new theater features amenities such as plush automated reclining seats, reserved seating, expanded concessions and a bar serving beer, wine and alcoholic drinks. Order hot items from our full concessions menu, and we’ll deliver them to your seat.

As you enter the theater, the first thing you might notice is the lack of of an actual box office. My first trip I had opted to purchase tickets online and only realized they don’t have a box office on my second trip when I decided to just go to the movies on a whim. This is all by design as Cinépolis would prefer guests order tickets online or using a smartphone app, and all seats are reserved. The small number of patrons who show up without reservations and don’t know how to use a computer can be helped by theater employees at ticket kiosks in the lobby or at the concession stand.

Photo Credit: Max Faulkner
I noticed very early on that this is by far the best theater experience in town. Features include a full bar including their own private label wine and their signature Moscow Mule that for an extra $12 comes with a souvenir copper mug. For food you can expect normal movie theater concessions as well as a full menu featuring items that should satisfy most tastes ranging from the Gourmet Cheese Platter to BBQ Pork Sliders. Patrons can order from the concession area and have food delivered to their seat.


These days a full bar and food menu are not uncommon, but what really makes this experience the best around is the cleanliness and comfort of the actual theater . Every seat in the theater is a leather recliner with a swivel tabletop and embedded cup holder for guests to enjoy their food and drinks without worrying about spills. The theater has 12 screens, each with about 100 to 190 seats and ample walking space between rows.

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  1. Stephen Murphy Stephen Murphy April 2, 2018

    High prices, bad food, bad service…..bound to fail

    • Ron Valderrama Ron Valderrama April 3, 2018

      You think so? I have really enjoyed going there. Super clean and no lines.

  2. Bill Dufinetz Bill Dufinetz April 22, 2018

    I agree with Mr. Murphy. Our group of 5 adults saw Black Panther at Cineopolis in February and it cost us $75 for matinee tickets and $75 for food and a drink (no alcohol). Service was so-so and food portions were small for the high prices. We prefer Cinemark Tinseltown in Grapevine for movies.

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